Saturday, November 28, 2009

When will the docks be finished?

There are many factors controlling the date when the new slips will
be ready for use. First of all, we have not yet established a
starting date for the project as it has not been approved by the
membership. Also there will be a lag time from when the contractor
receives the go ahead and when the project starts. The third thing
that will affect the completion time will be the weather. We will
know more after December 12th.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Floating Docks

Are there any similar docks locally I can look at?

Yes, Norview Marina in Deltaville has a floating dock built by the
same floating dock company that you can visit. If you go to Norview
Marina and drive into the entrance you will see the large storage
shed on the right and to the left opposite the storage sheds before
the travelift dock you will see the new floating docks.

The North Docks

The plan on the website doesn't show how many feet south nor how many feet west we will be moving at the north end of the docks. From the PDF it appears that we are only moving south and not west - but some of that is just the scale and I just want to verify this. Water depth in our slips is very important of course...especially for sailboats with some draft.

The drawing does clearly show the 40 foot westerly move of the docks. That 40 feet is shown relative to the existing platform which is to be removed. VMRC has final say about both of these moves, but verbally told David Laughton and Davis Wilson that these changes would be approved. VMRC did request that we angle the north docks from the end of the 40 ft accessway back towards the shore but still maintain acceptable depths.

What size will my slip be?

What size slip will I have with the new floating docks?

Slips were widened by 1.5 feet, so nominal 16 ft. slips became 17.5 ft. slips. The existing slips are measured center to center of the mooring piles, which are a nominal 1 ft diameter. Thus, the slips as they exist are clear 1 ft less then the original stated dimension (1/2 of 2 piling widths). Therefore, it took 1.5 feet to compensate for 2 feet of finger pier and 6 inches of mooring piling, which are not normally used on floating docks, since you tie up to the dock.