Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello everybody,

Here's looking forward to a good summer at UHYC.   We have several new slip owners and lots more new renters in the harbour and this little reminder will serve to help us all to keep UHYC the place we want to be.

Please do not let anyone into the pool who does not have a key unless you know they are slip holders/renters.   If you do not know who a person is,  tell them to call one of the board members for help.

Refreshments are allowed in the pool area but  glass bottles are not permitted because if they break and get into the water they are invisible and dangerous.

During busy weekends if the trash containers in either the pool or the restrooms get full - please empty them and place a new liner (you will find in the bottom of the trash bins). If you do not do this WHO DOES - we do not have people employed to clean up after you!   ALSO if you go the dumpster in the car park and it is crammed full (as it was this weekend).  Do not leave your trash on top of the dumpster or on the ground nearby.   Take your trash to Stormont center or take it home because the people who collect the trash for us do not collect anything that is not INSIDE the dumpster itself.  This means that PHIL MULLINS(our maintenance volunteer) ends up clearing up after you.  Remember if you do not clear up after yourself  consider the person WHO DOES?  

Deck Carts
When using the carts please return them immediately so that others have access.

The Docks
Please do not leave anything blocking the docks directly in front of your boat.  Remember these docks are for all of us to use.  Also make sure that your bow does not hang over the docks - this is an important safety issue.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Use of Marina Carts

Many people used the marina carts to transport their belongings to their boats and do not return them to the  bath houses after they had unloaded them.   This is very inconsiderate as the carts are for everyone's use and we are asking you to return them immediately after unloading so that other people may have the convenience of using these carts.  

Also if the carts are left on the dock overnight and the wind picks up, they are light enough to blow off the docks into the creek.  We have lost several carts in the past due to this.  Even on ordinary weekends when traffic is light we ask you to return the carts immediately after unloading.

If you see someone has left a cart on the dock it would be very nice if you politely asked them to return the carts for others to use.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reparations to clubhouse

For those of you who were not at the AGM this email is to let you know that reparations are underway on the clubhouse.   All should be finished by Memorial weekend.   We have had to replace the shingles on the roof and also the siding.

Also we ask you to bear with us whilst we continue to work on the ladies bathroom at the south docks.   We have commenced work on this but over the weekend there will be a tiny freshwater leak in one of the stools.   This toilet will be replaced next week.  The bathhouse is quite usable but you do not need to contact us regarding any of these problems.

Monday, May 6, 2013


The Urbanna Fleet

CCWBRA racing in Urbanna
CCWBRA Urbanna Fleet

The First Urbanna Event will be held May 18th, 2013!

Boat racing in Urbanna

We are very excited about our first sanctioned CCWBRA race.

Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing

These exciting little boats are fun to build and exhilarating to race. This isn't just fun for the men, it's a family sport with racing classes for children 12 and younger, children 13 to 16 and adults with different weight classes. You build your boat from a kit or blueprint, choose your own theme and graphics and start racing. The boats are powered by either a 6 or 8 horsepower engine depending on the weight class. Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing, it's intoxicating........

To learn more about the Urbanna Fleet contact:
Chris Riddick
(804) 832-4578


The board is looking forward to seeing you at the Annual General
Meeting this Saturday. Please support your board by attending this
important meeting. There is a cookout following the meeting to
which all slip holders are invited.


Phil Mullins is organizing the opening of the pool for our enjoyment
this summer. The pool will officially open for the season in time
for the Memorial Weekend.