Monday, May 6, 2013


The Urbanna Fleet

CCWBRA racing in Urbanna
CCWBRA Urbanna Fleet

The First Urbanna Event will be held May 18th, 2013!

Boat racing in Urbanna

We are very excited about our first sanctioned CCWBRA race.

Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing

These exciting little boats are fun to build and exhilarating to race. This isn't just fun for the men, it's a family sport with racing classes for children 12 and younger, children 13 to 16 and adults with different weight classes. You build your boat from a kit or blueprint, choose your own theme and graphics and start racing. The boats are powered by either a 6 or 8 horsepower engine depending on the weight class. Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing, it's intoxicating........

To learn more about the Urbanna Fleet contact:
Chris Riddick
(804) 832-4578